This is a schedule of the required environmental testing and data that must be in place to be in compliance with State regulations for underground storage tanks and lines. For a complete listing, contact AC’CENT Corporate Office at 936-225-5000.


Table of Contents


  • Inventory Reconciliation of fuel for retail facilities
  • Stage II inspection & report (non-attainment counties only)


  • Release detection for tanks and lines
  • Inventory Reconciliation of fuel (retail facilities only in Texas)
  • Stage II inspections & reports (non-attainment counties only)


  • Corrosion rectifier testing and data reports


  • State Delivery Certification forms
  • Pay State fees for storage tanks
  • Line tests for pressurized lines only*
  • Line Leak Detector (LLD) tests for pressurized lines only
  • Stage II testing (see current regulations for requirements)
  • Maintain tank insurance for pollution & third-party liability
(not required with GAS SYSTEM®)

Every 3 Years

  • Line tests for suction lines only*
  • Corrosion Survey and report
(not required with GAS SYSTEM®)
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Other Documentation

You must also have certain equipment installed and documented:
  • Spill and overfill equipment
  • Stage I equipment (see current regulations for requirements)
  • Documentation of corrosion method
  • As well as Documentation of all repairs
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