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AC'CENT has changed all the rules for you!

Unlimited C Operator training for all

Next Generation Compliance™  and

Rule Revolution clients


  You are required to have a certified Class A, Class B and Class C Operator for each facility you own or operate.  We have done intense research on this for you and here is the easiest way to provide these certifications and avoid fines and penalties.

In Texas the A Operator and B Operator can be the same person. You can only be certified by a training program approved by the state agency.  You can find out about who can do this and how much by going to the TCEQ website.  http://www.tceq.texas.gov/remediation/pst_rp/ust_training

The C Operator training is SITE SPECIFIC in Texas. The way the rules are written you must train every clerk that works in your facilities AND if they work in multiple stores, they must be trained for EACH specific facility.  So if you have a clerk that works in three locations, they have to be trained in all three at triple the cost.  The least amount we have found in our research is $10 to $12.99 per person if they pass the on-line test and double this if they fail the first time.  This could cost you thousands considering the turn-over of store employees, working in multiple locations, etc., BUT this is one we can control and change the rules for you.  The rules read and are interpreted by the TCEQ to allow the B Operator to train the C Operators in "any other training format deemed acceptable by the Class B Operator."  ACCENT can provide you a format to train your C operators with unlimited testing for an unlimited number of employees.  AND IT'S SITE SPECIFIC!

Here is what we have developed.
The training program must be specific to the facility with the location of the Emergency Stop, Fire Extinguishers, Spill Kits and other site specific items. AC'CENT will visit each location and take the appropriate pictures.  This will be incorporated into a site specific training course.  The course will be printed and mailed to you in the format of the required On-Site Operator Notebook and List.  It will be simple and quick.  An online version of this program is available through pstdata.com.

If you are a full Next Generation Compliance ™  or Rule Revolution client with ACCENT, you will be able to access this customized site specific C Operator training course, Onsite Certification Notebook and Certification List that are required by the TCEQ.  You can use it for as many employees as you want for as long as you want! 

Even if you only use ACCENT for some of your testing and data management the cost per facility is less than anything out there and it's unlimited in use.  So this is very inexpensive and ACCENT does all the hard work for you.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@accent-us.com or 936-225-5000.
This service is also available in Louisiana now!

Thanks for letting AC'CENT serve!





Here are links if you have interest in doing your own research.


TCEQ: http://www.tceq.texas.gov/remediation/pst_rp/ust_training


Class A and Class B Operator on-line through TPCA: http://www.tpca.org


API on-line for Class A and Class B Operator: http://www.apioperatortraining.com