GAS SYSTEM®certified Monthly Release Detection


Do you like simple?

Gas system® is simple. One


Monthly release detection for your tanks & lines

  • Fast Install
  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Equipment to Purchase or Maintain
  • Easy to Budget and Tax Exempt
  • Trained Team of Professionals That Talk to You



The perfect choice
Everything in one package!
  • No employee training.

  • No equipment purchase.

  • No repair or maintenance fees.

  • We do it all.


Your release detection is installed, monitored and maintained by trained specialists and a full team at AC’CENT. 
Here is what we do for you:
  • A complete tank and line testing system is installed at your facility.
  • A complete release detection geologic assessment is furnished.
  • The system is sampled and monitored monthly by trained technicians.
  • Reports are sent to you in an easy to understand format.
  • A compliance data notebook is furnished for document storage and review.
  • The AC’CENT team is available for counsel every weekday.
  • AC’CENT maintains your release detection records for you.

You only pay a monthly fee that is about $2.74 a day. That’s about the cost of a gallon of fuel. This takes care of your complete facility no matter how many tanks and lines. Up to 8 Sentinel Units™ are installed to monitor your tanks and lines. Also, no more expensive yearly tightness testing!

Our CertifiedRelease Detection Technicians take care of everything at your facility. We install, maintain and monitor your facility for leaks. We know our technicians are on your site because we track them with GPS technology!

Our Field Technicians are backed by a fully staffed office of professionals from data management to licensed Geoscientists.When you call, you get a real person with real answers.

We really care about you.
Trust us with your Testing Requirements.